Bake – O – Mania

by Priya
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Breads, tarts, cheese cake thats what we made at the Bakery Institute some weeks back..i enjoyed the experience so much that i joined month long course where…back where i took the course in the first place!!!

So here goes…Bake-O-Mania….well this time around the first week was bread…with carrots, milk, sweet, palak, raisins, cinamon and then there were doughnuts, pizza base etc etc..phew…

See how one doughnut is only half..that is masala doughnut and it was eaten even before i got a chance to plate up the bread and click a picture… 🙂

More various shapes..they look good dont they…they tasted even better…hmm it was fun..baking is really fun….yay!!!

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Bake - O - Mania

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