Arusuvai Season 2 – Spicy Milagai podi

by Priya
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Arusuvai season 2 is here…when i got a mail from Sayantani some time felt really nice to be back in the blog world and be part of an event and most of all the Arusuvai Friendshipchain. It is always fun and nice to share the cooking passion with other bloggers…yay!!!

So as a part of the friendship chain….Hema sent me some very beautiful things…Peach Apricot tea, a beautiful letter, black till and a lovely Ganesha key chain. Thank you Hema…

The moment i saw black till, i knew what i had to make…. spicy milagai podi with black till…milagai podi (powder) is usually eaten with idlis or dosais and makes the whole breakfast experience greeeat!

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Arusuvai Season 2 - Spicy Milagai podi
  1. Dry roast the dals and till separately and set aside (do ensure that the dals do not become burnt while roasting)
  2. Heat (moderately) oil in a kadai and add the hing to it.
  3. Now add the red chillies and roast them.
  4. Once the red chillies are roasted, switch of the gas and add the curry leaves to it and mix well.
  5. Let all the ingredients cool down.
  6. In a mixer grinder, grind the chillies, then add the dals & till and set aside...add salt according to taste.
  7. Serve with hot idlis or dosais...njoy!!

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