WBB#22 May Mango madness – Mango crepes
  1. Mix the maida, eggs, salt, sugar, water, melted butter and milk to form a nice batter.
  2. To make the stuffing, heat a little butter (1 tsp), add 1 tsp sugar and add the fruits and let the sugar-butter liquid quote the fruits. mix it once and set aside….
  3. Take a non stick tawa, coat the tawa with little butter and pour the batter on the tawa with a ladle.
  4. Smear it to make a thin dosa out of it…
  5. Cook on one side and then flip it to cook on both sides….
  6. Stuff the fruits and present it warm or cold to one and all…
Recipe Notes

This is my contribution to  WBB#22 May Mango Madness by Arundati