Swensen’s brings Falooda to their outlets !!!

by Priya
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Swensens falooda

As a kid, whenever we used to go out for desert, the thing which attracted me to Falooda were the colours in a tall glass , some seeds and then some noodle like stuff …all in the same tall glass. Every Falooda that i have had, there was one thing that used to stand out – the rose syrup. The Falooda created by Swensens also had that distinct taste.

Mr.Pinaki, Director Swensens (India) explaining the small details on making the swensons Falooda “

Last week, as part of a food bloggers event, i got to taste the Swensens version of Falooda or shall i say a sundae version of Falooda. Mr.Pinaki, the Director of Swensen (India), before introducing the sundae to us, spoke about the thought behind introducing this version of a very traditional desert. He shared with us on how lot of attention is given to sourcing each and every ingredient that goes into making the Falooda, whether it was booking an entire crop of maraschino cherries a year in advance or the cooking of vermicelli fresh each day – a lot of effort goes into making this desert.

Layer by layer of falooda

Post this, we saw how Swensens Falooda is assembled layer after layer. From crushed wafers, crushed cashews, freshly cooked vermicelli, the apricot ice cream (the ice cream was delicious!), the cherry on top,the rose and saffron syrups..all going one top of the other to form a beautiful looking desert in a very tall and chilled glass. Oh and did you know that Swensons chills all of their glasses so that the deserts remain chilled till it reaches their patrons.

Personally, i liked some individual parts of this desert and found it veryyyy sweeeet, as  foodie who has had falooda in the past, i definitely missed the texture that a falooda has because of sabja seeds.

“Small portion”

A sweet desert for people with sweet tooth, do go and check out this limited edition at the Swensens outlets. They serve in large, medium and small sized portions. They are priced as follows: 99 Rs for the small (Happy Falooda), 149 Rs for the medium (Carnival Falooda), and 229 Rs for the large (Crispy Crunchy Falooda).

Note: I was invited to a Swensens outlet as part of a bloggers meet and was required to share my feedback on the same. All the views expressed above are mine and not influenced.



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